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DLP Projector

DLP Projector

DLP Projector Supplier- Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd

DLP Projectors are classified as micro-mirror. The advantage of this technology is the high contrast of the image, and as a consequence, a cleaner display of white and black colors, which are needed primarily for presentations.

99% of similar products support 3d format. The function is developed by the corporation Texas Instruments and is exclusively produced by it for all companies. For many years of sales, we have not identified a single complaint on the mechanism of DLP.

Advantages of DLP technology offered by DLP Projector supplier:

  • Produces a smooth, crystal clear image
  • It allows you to project superfast (16 microseconds pixel response time, which is about 1000 times faster than LCD projectors), smooth, and no jittery images
  • Projectors are smaller and lighter
  • Pixels on the image are less noticeable than LCD projectors
  • The design without a filter provides virtually no maintenance
  • Great savings in maintenance costs and extended projector lifespan reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)

A key element of all DLP projectors is the DMD matrix from Texas Instruments, which manipulates light and color using several hundred thousand microscopic mirrors located on the surface of the chip. Located at a distance of less than one micron from each other, these mirrors get a smooth, crystal clear image.

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