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Laser Projector

Laser Projector

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Laser projectors display contours, templates or other shapes with high accuracy and scale on virtually any surface by projecting laser lines.

The laser projector is based on CAD data. The imported data is treated as projection data and then transferred to one or more laser projectors. The projection surface may be flat or curved.

The high-quality laser projectors, which are also commercially available at laser projector supplier, are useful for many commercial applications as well as in private use. The laser beamers focus on future-oriented innovations, which are capable of reproducing imaging details, such as outlines, shapes and limitations of objects by means of laser technology on different surfaces.

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These devices, which are to be allocated to the video projectors, have a high power and can be used above all for large-screen projections. The laser projectors have also established themselves as central technical equipment for home cinema systems. The images are projected onto bodies as well as surfaces with a flat or uneven texture.

The Function of Laser Projectors

The design of the laser projectors is based on different modulation components composed of three solid state lasers. These are responsible for creating the colors from the primary colors green, red and blue. Furthermore, one finds a modulator, which is responsible for the optics and the acoustics, and in which the laser beams with the primary colors are simultaneously modulated.

The laser projectors are characterized mainly by excellent brightness and contrast, which cannot be achieved to the same degree with conventional projectors. Contact the best Laser Projector supplier today and order yours with us!