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LCD Projector

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Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd. offers a wide range of models of LCD projectors with different brightness and resolution so that installers can make the right choice depending on the features of the object. All LCD projectors suppliers offer suppliers have high performance and power, providing high-quality images at a low cost of ownership.

Although LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors have dominated the market in recent years, projectors equipped with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, however, offer specific features that may be better suited for your own presentation. Thus, it is vital for the organization to first determine the differences in each technology, before deciding which LCD or DLP technology to purchase the projector from LCD projectors suppliers

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Advantages of LCD projectors:

  • Provides a higher brightness in the three primary colors
  • Offers more flexible mounting options due to a larger optical zoom range
  • 3LCD projector produces less noise than a DLP projector
  • More saturated colors provide better results in spaces with high illumination
  • Consumes less energy and produces less heat
  • No "rainbow effect" on the projected images

LCD technology uses a lamp that sends white light to a combination of mirrors. These mirrors share light on its three primary colors (red, green and blue). For each color uses its own LCD matrix (so 3LCD). Three colors are then combined with a prism, which forms a full-color image consisting of millions of colors.

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