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LED (Light Emitting Diode) Philips TVs demonstrate the perfect quality of picture and sound reproduction, and the elegant design of these TV sets allows them to fit into any interior. They perfectly reflect the movement, and thanks to unique backlighting, the visual perception expands, and the movie's viewing becomes more exciting and not tiring for the eyes.

All models from Philips 98 inch display supplier provide for the possibility of connecting to the device additional media of multimedia files: external hard drives, digital cameras, flash drives, etc. In order to make it more convenient for you to choose and buy the best option from the range of our online store, use the detailed descriptions and photos.

Philips 84 inch display supplier will help you compare prices and determine your preferences. Numerous reviews of our customers can also be useful for you. If you are at a loss with an independent choice, you can use the advice of experienced consultants of the company.

Philips 75 inch display supplier are a great choice for anyone!

TVs Philips (Philips) is offered in a wide range of models. Most of the products have LCD and LED screens.

The main advantages of Philips TVs are a wide range of prices, a large choice of diagonals, a long product life, additional functions (such as the connection of the Internet Philips Net TV, 3D image, etc.).

Key characteristics of Philips TVs:

Type of screen: LCD or LED, its characteristics: resolution, backlight, viewing angle, format - usually, 16: 9, and diagonal: 19, 32, 42 inches or other (models with a large diagonal are not recommended for installation in small rooms). Other important moments: the size of the TV, the presence of inputs / outputs for connecting additional equipment such as players or a computer, the functionality of the product: stereo sound, Full HD support, Philips TV, as well as the viewing angle, parental control and the presence of Wi-Fi.

Philips TVs are divided into:

  • with a direct backlight with the possibility of full blackout - Direct LED;
  • with edge illumination and full dimming - Edge LED;
  • with direct illumination and local dimming - Pro LED.

The Philips 65 inch display supplier pricing range will depend directly on the type of screen (LCD costs less than LED), the diagonal and its functionality.

Buying one of the models of Phillips TVs in 2017, you get not just a TV set, but multifunctional electronics that can be used as an additional screen, a means to access the Internet, a 3D cinema device or other purposes.

On the website of the online Philips 55 inch display supplier presents a huge number of models of TVs that you can buy yourself or for a gift. You can also buy with us Video walls from Philips. We are a reliable Philips LCD Video Wall supplier and Philips LED Video Wall supplier for our customers.