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Digital Signage System

Digital Signage system supplier - Digital Signage technology consists of presenting information on electronic media, such as displays, projection systems located in crowded places - at stations, airports, transport, restaurants, hospitals, fitness clubs, and shopping complexes and even on the street.

The main task of Digital Signage display supplier is to effectively distribute advertising and information, with the ability to address the target audience in a specific place and at a certain time.

The key device in Digital Signage is a reliable media player with the software installed on it, and in creating a network computer from which the whole network is managed. Important functions fall on a media player with an integrated microprocessor, memory and a set of interfaces for connecting electronic displays and displays, which directly reproduces the image thus the player must meet the increased requirements for reliability, service life and operation.

Plasma and LCD displays, projectors, LED signs and other equipment for displaying information are usually used to display information.

What are Digital Signage systems used for?

The system of informing visitors to trade halls and centers, airports and railway stations, medical institutions, financial organizations, government bodies, sports facilities, representative offices and branches of companies:

  • Advertising;
  • Information table;
  • E-queue management, etc.
  • Corporate information system:
  • News;
  • Marketing and HR materials;
  • Notification of employees.

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