Indoor LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport

Places like railway stations, airports, bus-stops are junctions for transport and in a country, like India, these places are densely populated. The number of passers-by or people commuting in India is very high and thus the crowd at these places continues to grow. For everything to be organized and disciplined these commuters to need to be informed constantly about the travel status and the respective timetables. Additionally, since there is a very high footfall at these places it is easier for the authorities to advertise and generate revenues for the government. To keep such a high crowd organized you need massive screens that give the required information with clarity and they should be automatic or digital as the information displayed need to be changed from time to time. LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport serves a great purpose at such places and is a perfect choice. A LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport is the perfect medium to display information such as arrival and departure information, the status of trains, buses or planes and their schedule. At Imperial Techsol Private Limited, a Delhi based Indian firm you can get LED video walls for various purposes; we offer all kinds of digital LED display best available prices.

How can airports, railway stations benefit from LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport?

Convey travel information effortlessly:

One of the major issues in areas of public transport is to convey travel information so that the travelers have a convenient journey else it will be chaos at the station. Conventional signboards are just not enough to make it happen as the information needs to be displayed on a  huge board so that a large number of population can view it easily and change information every now and then at these boards would be impossible. With LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport this problem gets sorted out easily, these signboards are as large as you want them to be and the information is displayed in such a manner that it is easily visible from even a large distance plus you can change the information very easily from your operating device.

Humongous advertising opportunities:

Places of public transport such as an airport or a railway station have thick intersections with millions of people passing over it every day and if such a place is not an advertising haven you are looking for then nothing else can be. You can advertise all kinds of products and facilities if the government allows it. People have not just come and go but they also have to wait here and with something as eye-catching as digital signage the job of advertising gets relatively easier with LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport.

Myriad of entertainment options:

LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport is a versatile device. It can be what you want it to be that is apart from displaying information regarding travel; the authorities can also use it as an entertainment option. We all know that the amount of waiting time in such places can be awfully high and in order to make it pleasant for the commuters LED Video Wall for Airport/Transport can also be used to display entertaining videos and other information which can keep the passengers engaged.

Indoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Video Wall Series Model No. Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P2.0 Flex Square Series SU4820 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.5 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4825 or LI - P2.5 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P3.0 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4830 or LI - P3.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P3.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P4.0 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4840 or LI - P4.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P4.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P5.0 LI Series LI - P5.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P5.0 Video Wall Specs Details