Indoor LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels

Hotels, pubs, restaurants are an area with high footfall and an owner would anyway want to increase that footfall and increase revenues. A hotel or a restaurant is the perfect place to put up a digital signboard as it is eye-catching and mood-setting. In such places, you need to set the tone right for the customers so that the brand of your hotel or restaurant increases at a great pace. LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels has endless possibilities as you can use it to entertain your customers or advertise your brand to generate traffic. In a hotel lobby, for example, a digital display can be put up to several uses such as entertain guests, add class to your premise, guide and inform them about the hotel and other areas of tourism etc. Other platforms fail to generate the kind of impact an Indoor LED video wall would do in such places. It can be presented as a unique piece of art which never fails to grab attention. At Imperial Techsol Private Limited, a Delhi, India based company you can get a variety of such equipment at better prices.

Uses of Indoor LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels:

Like it is mentioned above a digital display as such can be put to a number of users, you can use it to advertise your brand with great efficacy, you can use it to set the mood of your customers, you can attract local attention and you can use it for various other purposes. 

Factors which should be considered while using a digital display:

Design and uniqueness:

These are often the most important factors that draw people to your hotel or restaurant which is why you need to put some extra effort put in to ensure that the first impression is a lasting one. Indoor LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/HotelsVideo is pretty unique and attractive and it is something a customer you fall in love with given the design and elegance.  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, you could use a traditional, mosaic-style, grid or artistic video walls with angled displays. Many leading hotels make use of Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels to promote tourism in the adjoining areas as well.

Beauty, style, and elegance:

Hospitality industry works on a simple rule, the comfortable and stylish it gets more popular it becomes. In such places, you need to pick up LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels which not only serves the purpose of advertising and displaying information but it should also be able to compliment the premise and add to the splendor.

Chose the right location and right type of Digital display:

This is an important factor if you want to fully use your digital video wall. Chose a location where it serves the most, for example, the lobby as you can play exciting content such as areas of tourism nearby or display other information. It is also important to choose the correct type of LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels. Here, you don’t just need it to display the content you also want to increase the beauty of the place and with the right LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels that would be an easy task.

Indoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Video Wall Series Model No. Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P1.5 Flex Square Series SU4815 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.6 Flex Square Series SU4816 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.6 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.8 Flex Square Series SU4818 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.8 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.0 Flex Square Series SU4820 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.5 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4825 or LI - P2.5 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P3.0 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4830 or LI - P3.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P3.0 Video Wall Specs Details