LED Video wall for Conference Hall/Meeting Hall

In any company, a conference room is perhaps the most important area as it is the place where employees share ideas between them, innovations happen and deals are made. There are certain requirements of a conference room which facilitates the communication between people and makes sharing of ideas an easy thing to do. With the right set up his room can become a real asset for any company as it optimizes learning and innovation. An LED Video Wall For Conference Hall/Meeting Hall is perhaps the most important requirement of a conference room, the better the video wall the better the communication.

Why should one use a LED Video wall for Conference Hall/Meeting Hall?

Well, it will all revolve around communication right; with a meeting room, the primary objective is to have a set up that makes communication easier so that everyone understands what you are talking about and there are different types of meeting that would be conducted in the room and you want a platform that suits all types. A brainstorming session is different from attendee participation or a seminar but you need a communication channel that caters to all. Imperial Techsol Private Limited provides you the Best-led video walls which you can use for various purposes you can instantly share presentations; use it for video conferencing, share reviews and much more with no difficulty at all. We offer delivers complete visualization systems, which not only comprises of video wall displays but also video teleconferencing systems, controllers, required software, and more.

Some other reasons why use LED Video wall for Conference Hall/ Meeting Hall:

Ease of display of content from any device:

LED Video wall for Conference Hall/Meeting Hall is so designed that they can capture and display content from a variety of devices such as PCs, cable TV, tablets, MacBook, and more. These devices can be connected to the LED Video Wall either directly or can be streamed enabling a better learning environment.

Deliver amazing presentations:

We offer you a built-in the complete toolkit that builds and delivers presentation easily on the video wall. You can make various changes and modifications in your presentation to make it more attractive and interactive by using automatic timing, slide transitions, labels, and much more. With interactive touch glass, you can make the experience even better and engaging.

Custom aesthetic details:

LED Video wall for Conference Hall/ Meeting Hall is made in a way that it adds up to the setup or appearance of the conference room. There are various other options you can make use of to add more beauty to the conference room such as the use of various types of mounts (wood and steel mounting options).

Better Control:

The software installed in LED Video wall for Conference Hall/Meeting Hall enables a user-friendly interface with the intuitive drag-and-drop approach.

LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch for Conference Hall/Meeting Hall Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Video Wall Series Model No. Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P1.5 Flex Square Series SU4815 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.6 Flex Square Series SU4816 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.6 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.8 Flex Square Series SU4818 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.8 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.0 Flex Square Series SU4820 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.5 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4825 or LI - P2.5 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P3.0 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4830 or LI - P3.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P3.0 Video Wall Specs Details