Indoor LED Video Wall For Auditorium

LED video walls and its usage indoors:

About a decade ago we would have thought of Indoor LED video walls to be a very expensive and out of grasp technology which it was but a lot has changed since then. Unlike in those years when Indoor LED video walls when only to be seen in some grand mall, stadium or casino the technology has not just hugely developed but have also become quite accessible. In India, you can get LED video walls of all kinds and to suit various purposes such as LED video Wall for Auditorium, LED Video Wall for Retail, LED Video Wall for Clubs/Pubs/Restaurants/Hotels and various others at very cheap prices from Imperial Techsol Private Limited which is a Delhi based firm. You can get all kinds of LED Video Wall, LED screen, LED video wall display, Video Wall, Indoor video wall, and LED display from us at very cheap rates.

What are LED Video Walls? Why are they so popular?

Before digging deep into the usage and advantages of LED video wall for auditorium let us first get a brief understanding of what they are. LED is an acronym used for a light-emitting diode which is a two-lead light source made up of the semiconductor.  LEDs have been extensively used for developing digital signage and big screens as they are quite durable and they can emit and produce light themselves. The LED screen has a number of Direct Views LED display which works collectively as one unit in order to display the content.

Need for an elegant LED video wall for Auditorium:

Places such as conference rooms, an auditorium or a convention centre is usually full of people in the wake of an event, seminar or some conference and in such halls it is precisely important that the person sitting on the last bench should be able to look at what is being displayed and hear what is being said else the whole purpose of having a seminar can be lost. I suppose the capacity of an auditorium is 3000 people then the event will be successful only if everyone gets to see and understand what is happening and in order to get that right, you need an LED video wall for Auditorium.

What are the advantages of having LED video wall for Auditorium?

The first and foremost one is clarity. The display of these indoor LED video walls for auditoriums are huge and the picture quality is amazing making sure that your audience would not miss a single detail of what is happening on the stage no matter how far they are sitting. Additionally, in most cases the auditoriums are very brightly lit and hence to get the perfect picture clarity of what’s happening on the stage, you need a very bright display. Not to forget that the indoor LED video walls for auditoriums are themselves colorful and long with the mesh and LED curtains they add to the decor.

Key considerations you must make before selecting a LED video wall-

Before you decide to use a LED video wall for the auditorium and install it, there are a few things you must consider. The location where the installation has to be made, image quality, hardware too be used and maintenance must be taken care of. 

LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch for Auditorium Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Video Wall Series Model No. Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P1.5 Flex Square Series SU4815 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.6 Flex Square Series SU4816 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.6 Video Wall Specs Details
P1.8 Flex Square Series SU4818 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P1.8 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.0 Flex Square Series SU4820 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.0 Video Wall Specs Details
P2.5 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4825 or LI - P2.5 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P2.5 Video Wall Specs Details
P3.0 Flex Square Or LI Series SU4830 or LI - P3.0 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P3.0 Video Wall Specs Details