Indoor LED Video Wall for Retail and LED Display

LED video wall is the new thing, it is a technology that is making its way forward and is becoming a boom which is all the more reason why it is being heavily used in the retail sector. The reason why is LED Video Wall for Retail is a roaring success is because of its ability to offer high-resolution seamless images, outstanding optical characteristics that make watching a video a pleasurable experience keeping the quality of video intact when seen from any angle. If you are looking for a high quality LED video wall for Retail then Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd. Is your one stop shop for such items? Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd. is a firm situated in Delhi, India. This firm leads the market with the high-quality video wall, indoor video wall and other LED materials which are available at lower rates. Right from superior quality indoor installations to LED videos for outdoor installations, it gained its place in the market as a trusted integration solutions company. With our low cost and superior quality, whether it is your home or business we aim at making watching a video a better experience.

Before buying something you would surely want to know the associated advantages, in this case, how is a LED video wall for Retail a better option than the current platform in which you watch your videos or advertise products? Below we take a look at some such advantages.

Play any content you want:

The benefit with a LED video wall for Retail is that it can capture signals from a variety of devices and play the video in high resolution. Devices such as computers, cable boxes, camera etc. can all be played on the wall and with much better clarity.

Better viewing experience with superior quality:

The LED display system in an LED video wall for Retail is an integrated solution meaning that it has a vast number of high-resolution displays which is powered, processed and computed by a very powerful system known as a video wall controller. Due to this complex system working behind the video display, you get powerful performance and interface which is beyond the capability of a simple, basic solution. As we now know it, a video wall has a set of displays, and the total resolution of the screen increases with every added display. This makes the video have a much greater display area and a much higher resolution. These video displays in a LED video wall for Retail have an upper hand over a projector and other such devices as the surface of the display can be expanded without compromising the video quality.

The extent of use:                            

The most important thing about a gadget is its utility, the extent to which it can be used so that whether you are using it for business or in your private space the product should be a real value for money. Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd. has LED screens, LED displays, Video walls and LED video wall for Retail available at the lowest possible rates. These gadgets can be used in retail markets, for advertising, in auditoriums, stadiums, home, hotels etc. The versatility of this product makes it hot selling equipment in the market.

LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch for Retails Specifications:

Pixel Pitch (mm) Working Environments  Brand Name Specification
P2.5 Indoor Fixed LEXA Stream P2.5 LED Video Wall Specification
P3.0 Indoor Fixed LEXA Stream P3.0 LED Video Wall Specification
P4.0 Indoor Fixed LEXA Stream P4.0 LED Video Wall Specification
P5.0 Indoor Fixed LEXA Stream P5.0 LED Video Wall Specification