Indoor LED Video Wall for Stadium

LED walls have gained enormous popularity in India and around the world. As the technology of LED video walls continues to grow and evolve, so does its use in various sectors. There are numerous industries that are willing to make use of this new technology to attract new clients and increase the footfall, not just for business this technology is also vastly used in homes for private viewing but one sector that has made maximum use of LED Video Wall for Stadium. There are many different variants of a LED video wall for Stadium and with them comes various utility options, there are various industries that make use of this effective piece of technology in India as it helps them engage and interact with their customers in a better way.

Some case studies of the innovative use of LED walls

A company known as Pittsburg Pirates made use of this technology successfully to launch a real-life version of the game called Super Mario. The launch was a great success at the PNC Park where the company invited several players to participate in the game. The use of this technology gave a whole new level to the game and made the experience quite rich, as the crowd was large in number, in order to cater to all of them the company used LED Video Wall for Stadium.

Many of us have seen the use of such screens in various sport stadiums, it is these screens that make the experience of watching the game live a real one as many people who are seated at the back side can’t actually see the players but these screens fill all the gap and making viewing a better experience. It is not only the sport segment that makes use of LED Video Wall For Stadium there are various digital art houses and spaces that are relying heavily on this piece of technology as well. These walls can be used as signage as well and for advertisements, since they are big in size they can easily be seen from far ahead.

Better communication facility-

To make communication in public spaces, no matter how crowded they are is easier than ever and all thanks go to these LED video wall for Stadium as they are used by various sectors and institutions to communicate with the large public. They are used by companies to conduct meetings and arrange seminars.

Effective streamlining of operations-

A LED video wall for Stadium comprises of a host of display units which are bound as one to create a larger display. This structure of the video wall makes it easier to access and process more than one information at a given period. What adds more value to this is the fact that this information can be displayed in several forms. This is a multipurpose tool which can be used to display information such as arrival and departure of a train and advertising goods or menu in the meal, it can easily be customized to serve various purposes. 

LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch for Stadium Specifications:

Pixel Pitch (mm) Model No. Brand Name Working Environment Specification
P4.0 P4 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P4.0 LED Video Wall Specification 
P5.0 P5 LEXA Stream Indoor Fixed P5.0 LED Video Wall Specification
P6.0 P6 LEXA Stream Outdoor Fixed P6.0 LED Video Wall Specification
P8.0 P8 LEXA Stream Outdoor Fixed P8.0 LED Video Wall Specification
P10.0 P10 LEXA Stream Outdoor Fixed P10.0 LED Video Wall Specification