Digital OOH Display

Introduction to Digital OOH display

Advertising a new campaign is no longer restricted to just your television screen, newspaper, and the internet. An average working person spends a huge amount of his hours commuting to his way to the office. Therefore people are bound to see what crosses their paths while commuting. This is when digital OOH display has become a huge medium for digital advertising and marketing. OOH, media or digital OOH display refers to digital media appearing in environments and spaces accessible to the public. This may include digital billboards and outdoor signage. It may as well comprise of networks of screens found in small or big businesses like malls healthcare providers or retail shops. It is thus a magnificent replacement for printed advertising and hoardings.

Types of Digital OOH displays

There are various types of digital out of the house displays that caters to the various advertising needs of the company. Some of the different types of digital OOH are

1. Billboards

Billboards are one of the oldest methods of outdoor advertising for decades. Billboards today, however, have taken the form of huge boards and moving images and generally installed in a high traffic or populated place.

2. Supermarkets

To make the consumers aware of the exciting offers available at the stores and the supermarket, they are allured towards the deal by placing them on the moving digital displays all over the place.

3. Shopping malls

Just like supermarkets, the digital OOH display at the shopping malls serves the same purpose of attracting customers to the new products and schemes.

4. Restaurants and bars

Menu cards are thing of the past. With the ever-increasing restaurant and bar chains, their items are displayed on the billboard making it easier for the customers.

Digital OOH or also known as digital out of the house displays is a revolutionary method for promoting your content and put it out for the world to see. Digital screen or OOH displays are better received by the people as compared to the generic ads available elsewhere. Some of the advantages of digital OOH displays are

Advantages of Digital OOH displays

Advantages in media performance

  • Digital OOH Increases the campaign performance by enhancing the Reach & Frequency at a larger scale
  • It also increases awareness and helps in residual noting of campaigns
  • Digital OOH tremendously helps in growing campaign efficiencies and marketing results.
  • These sort of displays comprises of different formats that helps in lending themselves to different objectives, for example, Classic vs Digital
  • Some formats can facilitate engagement opportunities, therefore, helping in the widespread outreach to the masses
  • It also drives mobile search
  • Helps in extending the life of a campaign and makes it impactful for a longer time.

Advantages in targetability

  • This technique is quite eco-friendly as geo-targeting reduces wastage that comes with hoardings, plastic banners etc.
  • It gives the advantage of GRP & demographic R&F measurement
  • OOH displays also help in maintaining a Brand’s top-of-mind awareness.
  • It ensures the day part placements that could be made available on Digital platforms.
  • The advantage of its fortnightly site rotations to increase reach is also worth noticing.
  • It also provides the exposure of these OOH displays closer to point of purchase, which lays a huge influence on the buying decisions of the customers.