Outdoor LED Video Walls for Stadium

Importance of outdoor LED video walls for stadium and where to buy from:

Those who have gone to a stadium know how difficult and botched would the experience of watching your favorite player perform be if there were no outdoor LED video walls. A stadium is all packed with people who have to sit at a great distance from the pitch and it would become almost impossible for everyone to have a clear vision of the game if there were no outdoor LED video walls for stadium. These gigantic screens installed in the stadium give you a real-time display of what’s happening on the screen and the image quality is just amazing. There are various other occasions in which an outdoor LED video wall can be used but here we would focus on the stadiums and such large fields. The use of Outdoor LED video walls for stadium in India has increased drastically and to get the best quality Videowall at affordable prices all you need to do is request a quote from Imperial Techsol Private Limited which is a leading Delhi based firm.

What makes an outdoor LED video wall for stadium a perfect choice?

These LED video walls are the best choice for a stadium for various reasons. An outdoor LED video wall is hugely preferred over other platforms as it can eliminate all the unnecessary hurdles.  These outdoor video walls a higher pixel pitches which enable the spectator to watch the content quite The other advantages that the offer are durability (lasting up to 10 years), weatherproof and waterproof makeup which is again a huge advantage as it makes such screen quite plausible for a football or a cricket match. Many video walls also come with auto brightness making them a perfect match for a game in broad daylight & night time too.

Considerations which must be made while selecting outdoor LED video wall for stadium:

Determining the right screen size:

Identifying the correct screen size for the Outdoor LED video wall for stadium would require the analysis o the maximum and minimum viewing distance of an average spectator. There are various pixel pitches available such as 6mm or 10mm for the screen resolution. The calculation of the maximum viewing distance is important as that is the criterion for selecting the length and height of the screen, for example, you would require 8 ft height screen in order to comfortably view the content from a distance of 100 meters.

Video Processing type:

To select the best video processing equipment it is important to identify what kinds of video you are going to play for example you would need a separate external video processing device in order to stream content live but for a recorded video, no such equipment would be needed.

Dependable source for power supply:

Using the equipment in India it is important to have consistent power supply sources that feed the display. A good quality voltage stabilizer must be used in order to avoid any power supply failure.

Outdoor LED Video Wall Pixel Pitch Specifications:

Pixel Pitch Model No. Brand Name Specification
P4 LO-P4 LEXA Stream P4 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P5 LO-P5 LEXA Stream P5 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P6 LO-P6 LEXA Stream P6 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P8 LO-P8 LEXA Stream P8 Outdoor Video Wall Specification
P10 LO-P10 LEXA Stream P10 Outdoor Video Wall Specification