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SL.No Brand Specification Model Type Broucher
1 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,2700 lms

CP-RX250 LCD Preview
2 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,2700 lms/HDMI

CP-EX252 LCD Preview
3 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,3000 lms /HDMI

CP-EX302 LCD Preview
4 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,3000 lms/HDMI

CP-EW302 LCD Preview
5 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,4200 lms/HDMI

CP-EX402 LCD Preview
6 Hitachi


CP-DH300 LCD Preview
7 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,2700 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-X2542WN LCD Preview
8 Hitachi


CP-X3042WN LCD Preview
9 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,4200 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-X4042WN LCD Preview
10 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,3000 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-WX3042WN LCD Preview
11 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,4000 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-WX4042WN LCD Preview
12 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,5000 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-X5022 LCD Preview
13 Hitachi

Edge Blending/Stacking

CP-X5550 LCD Preview
14 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,5200 lms/HDMI/

CP-WX5500 LCD Preview
15 Hitachi

LCD/WUXGA,5200 lms/HDMI/ Wireless/full HD

CP-WU5500 LCD Preview
16 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,2500 lms/HDMI

CP-CX251 Short Throw Preview
17 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,3100 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-CX301WN LCD Preview
18 Hitachi

WXGA/,3300 lms/10000:1/HDMIx2

CPTW3005 LCD Preview
19 Hitachi

WXGA/,3300 lms/10000:1/HDMIx2

CP AX3005 Ultra Short Throw Preview
20 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,2700 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-AX2505 LCD Preview
21 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,3300 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-AX3005 LCD Preview
22 Hitachi

LCD/XGA,3500 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-AX3505 LCD Preview
23 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,2700 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-AW2505 LCD Preview
24 Hitachi

LCD/WXGA,3300 lms/HDMI/Wireless

CP-AW3005 LCD Preview
25 ViewSonic


CP-TW3005 LCD Preview
26 Hitachi

LCD/Wall mount for USTP

27 Hitachi

WXGA,3500 lms

LP-WX3500 LED Preview
28 Hitachi

WUXGA,3500 lms,Full HD

LP-WU3500 LED Preview
29 Hitachi

WUXGA,6000 Ims

LP-WU6600 LED Preview
30 ViewSonic

3600 LMNS / 22,000:1/15000 Hrs lamp Life/SVGA/2x VGA / Screen 100'@3.98m/ 3D

PA500S LCD Preview
31 ViewSonic

3600 LMNS / 22,000:1/15000 Hrs lamp Life/SVGA/2x VGA / VIDEO IN/ HDMI/ Screen 100'@3.98m/ 3D

PA503S LCD Preview
32 ViewSonic

3600 LMNS / 22,000:1/15000 Hrs Lamp Life/XGA/2X VGA /VIDEO IN / HDMI/ Screen 100" @3.98m/ 3D

PA503X LCD Preview
33 ViewSonic

4000 LMNS / 20,000:1/XGA/1.1X Zoom/ VGA /VIDEO IN / HDMI/ MHL/ Screen 100" @3.98m/3D/HV Keystone

PJD7326 LCD Preview
34 ViewSonic

5200 LMNS / 15,000:1/XGA/1.6X Zoom/ VGA /VIDEO IN /3* HDMI/ MHL/ Screen 100" @2.87m/HD BaseT/HV Keystone

Pro8510L LCD Preview
35 ViewSonic

4000 LMNS / 20,000:1/WXGA/1.2x Zoom/ VGA / VIDEO IN /HDMI/ USB/MHL/ 3 LCD REPLACEMENT/ Screen 100" @3.34m/ 3D BLUERAY

PJD7526W LCD Preview
36 ViewSonic

3200 LMNS/20,000:1/XGA ST/ VGA / VIDEO IN / THRO RATIO 0.6/ Screen 100" @ 1.24m

PJD5351LS Short Throw Preview
37 ViewSonic

3200 LMNS/20,000:1/XGA ST/ VGA / VIDEO IN / HDMI/ THRO RATIO 0.6/ Screen 100" @ 1.24m

PJD5353LS Short Throw Preview
38 ViewSonic

3500 LMNS/20,000:1/WXGA ST/ VGA / VIDEO IN / HDMI/ THRO RATIO 0.49/ Screen 100" @ 1.06m

PJD 5553LWS Short Throw Preview
39 ViewSonic

3200 LMNS/FULL HD/ 1080P/ 22000:1/1080P/ 1.1x Zoom/1 HDMI/1 MHL/ SUPER COLOR / Screen 100" @3.3m/3D BLUERAY/ H/V KEYSTONE

PJD7720HD LCD Preview
40 ViewSonic


PJD7831HDL LCD Preview
41 ViewSonic


Pro7827HD LCD Preview
42 ViewSonic


Pro8530HDL 0 Preview
43 ViewSonic


Pro8800WUL 0 Preview
44 ViewSonic

4500LMNS/FULL HD/1080P/100000:1/0.23 Throw Distance/360 Degree Projection/20000 Hours lamp Life/ Laser Projector/ HDMI/MHL/USB/LAN

LS830 Laser Preview
45 ViewSonic

5200LMNS/ WXGA/100000:1/0.23 Throw Distance/360 Degree Projection/20000 Hours lamp Life/ Laser Projector/ HDMI/MHL/USB/LAN

LS810 Laser Preview


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Types of Projector: 

1. Laser Projector 

Laser projectors display contours, templates or other shapes with high accuracy and scale on virtually any surface by projecting laser lines.

The laser projector is based on CAD data. The imported data is treated as projection data and then transferred to one or more laser projectors. The projection surface may be flat or curved. 

The high-quality laser projectors, which are also commercially available at laser projector supplier, are useful for many commercial applications as well as in private use. The laser beamers focus on future-oriented innovations, which are capable of reproducing imaging details, such as outlines, shapes, and limitations of objects by means of laser technology on different surfaces.

Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd- The Ultimate Laser Projector

These devices, which are to be allocated to the video projectors, have a high power and can be used above all for large-screen projections. The laser projector has also established themselves as central technical equipment for home cinema systems. The images are projected onto bodies as well as surfaces with a flat or uneven texture.

The Function of Laser Projector

The design of the laser projectors is based on different modulation components composed of three solid-state lasers. These are responsible for creating the colors from the primary colors green, red and blue. Furthermore, one finds a modulator, which is responsible for the optics and the acoustics, and in which the laser beams with the primary colors are simultaneously modulated.

The laser projectors are characterized mainly by excellent brightness and contrast, which cannot be achieved to the same degree with conventional projectors. Contact the best Laser Projector supplier today and order yours with us!

2. LED Projector

Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd LED Projector supplier
Outdoor LED projectors are used to illuminate all types of outdoor applications thanks to its high protection against external agents, although they can be used in indoor spaces such as high power spotlights in industrial buildings, work etc.

This light system makes the most of the light emitted, reaching 90% of the conventional metal iodide. In addition, LED projectors for internal and external use are low-power, do not emit ultraviolet infrared radiation and have a much higher life cycle than a traditional lighting system.

In Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd. we offer you a wide range of outdoor LED projector, where you can choose from different designs and brands. Enter the LED world through LED Projector supplier new online lighting shop. Discover the LED projectors on Imperial Techsol.

Among our range, you can find products with different 10w, 30w, 50w and 200w watts with sensing sensors and fixing brackets. All of our LED projectors are guaranteed and allow you to save on your bill! We are one of the most celebrated LED Projector solution pan India.

Suitable for both commercial and domestic use, our LED projectors have high power but consume little energy, making them environmentally friendly and perfect for beautifying the exterior of your property.

Are not you sure of which LED projector is suitable for your application? For more information, please contact Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd. Service. Our team will be happy to guide you in your choice.

3. Home Theater Projector

A high-quality multimedia projector is perhaps one of the most important elements of a home theater. The modern projector is, first of all, a wide format of the image, high-quality optics, priority of contrast over brightness, low noise level, modern design and support for most popular video formats (including Full HD).

Home Theater Projector allows you to create the entourage of "big" cinema. With their help, you can experience experiences similar to those that occur when viewing a picture in a large cinema hall. Spectacular, exciting and impressive shots cannot but please the eye.

A significant contribution to the creation of an atmosphere that is as close as possible to the cinema is made by muffled light, a professional acoustic system and, of course, the most realistic image displayed by the projector. Full HD format and high-resolution video are provided by the operation of powerful modern video processors. Thus, the quality of the broadcast video can be serenely calm.

Count of Imperial Techsol Home Theater Projector

The function of a Home Theater Projector is to provide a 3D image. The technology of this image introduces new colors into the viewing of films, enriches visual perception with voluminous and efficient frames.

The choice of Home Theater Projector supplier is based on the study of the technical characteristics of the products. The prices for products vary depending on the functionality of the particular projector, the degree of novelty of the proposed product and brand. As practice shows, in conditions of time deficit, the procedure for choosing a suitable projector is more expedient to discuss with specialists.

Thanks to innovative technological solutions by Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd., the perception of the latest novelties in the cinema world is exacerbated to an unprecedented level. To buy a projector for a home theater means to purchase a ticket to a world of vivid impressions, which you can enjoy at home.

4. DLP Projector

DLP Projectors are classified as micro-mirror. The advantage of this technology is the high contrast of the image, and as a consequence, a cleaner display of white and black colors, which are needed primarily for presentations.

99% of similar products support the 3d format. The function is developed by the corporation Texas Instruments and is exclusively produced by it for all companies. For many years of sales, we have not identified a single complaint on the mechanism of DLP.

Advantages of DLP technology offered by DLP Projector supplier:

  • Produces a smooth, crystal clear image
  • It allows you to project super fast (16 microseconds pixel response time, which is about 1000 times faster than LCD projectors), smooth, and no jittery images
  • Projectors are smaller and lighter
  • Pixels on the image are less noticeable than LCD projectors
  • The design without a filter provides virtually no maintenance
  • Great savings in maintenance costs and extended projector lifespan reduce total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • A key element of all DLP projectors is the DMD matrix from Texas Instruments, which manipulates light and color using several hundred thousand microscopic mirrors located on the surface of the chip. Located at a distance of less than one micron from each other, these mirrors get a smooth, crystal clear image.

Contact the best DLP Projector supplier

Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd offers you the best DLP projectors. Our collection of projectors will offer you multiple options to select from. Shop with us and get a suitable budget-friendly projector for your home or workplace.

5. LCD Projector

Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd. offers a wide range of models of LCD projectors with different brightness and resolution so that installers can make the right choice depending on the features of the object. All LCD projectors suppliers offer suppliers have high performance and power, providing high-quality images at a low cost of ownership.

Although LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projectors have dominated the market in recent years, projectors equipped with DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, however, offer specific features that may be better suited for your own presentation. Thus, it is vital for the organization to first determine the differences in each technology, before deciding which LCD or DLP technology to purchase the projector from LCD projectors suppliers.

LCD projectors suppliers at best price online

Advantages of LCD projectors:

  • Provides a higher brightness in the three primary colors
  • Offers more flexible mounting options due to a larger optical zoom range
  • The 3LCD projector produces less noise than a DLP projector
  • More saturated colors provide better results in spaces with high illumination
  • Consumes less energy and produces less heat
  • No "rainbow effect" on the projected images
  • LCD technology uses a lamp that sends white light to a combination of mirrors. These mirrors share light on its three primary colors (red, green and blue). For each color uses its own LCD matrix (so 3LCD). Three colors are then combined with a prism, which forms a full-color image consisting of millions of colors.

Shop for quality oriented LCD projectors at most reasonable prices with Imperial Techsol Pvt Ltd.

6. Cinema Projector

A cinema projector is designed to display video information in 2D or 3D, widely used in educational institutions, offices, and entertainment, suitable for home theater. Many models display high-resolution video (1920 × 1080).

Modifications that can reproduce a volumetric image are most in demand, they fall into two categories: Full HD 3D and 3D Ready. The devices are equipped with network interfaces: wired LAN and/or wireless Wi-Fi, some models are capable of playing video through a local network, without using a computer.

Requirements for the Cinema Projector

The Cinema Projector is designed to create a high-quality image that avoids overvoltage of vision. The optimal image is 1080p (Full HD), and the contrast and the brightness level is 300: 1 and 600 lm. For correct display of information 3D HD projectors, you may need special glasses.

Buy Affordable Projectors with Cinema Projector Supplier

Another requirement for equipment for cinemas is easy maintenance and reliable protection from dust because a professional 3D Full HD projector has to work seven days a week 24 hours a day. Such devices, designed for wide use, should be easy to install, configure and maintain, have a clear interface and remote control capability.

Modern Cinema Projector has a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels with 16: 9 aspect ratio. The technology is used when playing video in the format BluRay and HD-DVD, television broadcasts HDTV. Image with a high degree of brightness and realism you can get even at home.

Imperial Techsol Pvt. Ltd offers the widest collection of cinema projectors at most reasonable prices and high-quality brands.