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Laptop | Desktop Computers

Your only one call will solve your Laptop or Desktop Problems at your home in front of your eyesight at very affordable cost. We have professionals and experienced Laptop engineer who has hugely experienced to repair any kind of Laptop related problems whether hardware or software related. We repair all major brands of laptop like Apple (Mac Book Air Or Mac Book Pro), Dell Inspiron, Toshiba Satellite, HP Pavilion, Acer Aspire, HCL, Lenovo Tablets or Notebooks, LG, Fujitsu, IBM Think Pad, Sony Vaio, Asus Eeebook and provide computer repair service in Delhi NCR at your home or official place and fix your device in front of your eyesight that gives you completed satisfaction along with your precious time save.

Laptop Home Service is one of the best laptop repairing service provider company in Delhi NCR and repairs your system at your home/office at the very cheapest price and if you are looking for laptop service in Gurgaon, Noida, Vaishali, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad or Faridabad location then we do. Our laptop repair company is one of the best computer service centers in Delhi NCR, Your first concern is that how much cost is going to repair your laptop? We will always give you an exact estimate before repair work. Once you're agreeing with that budget then we'll start the repairing work instantly!

Our laptop repair services include notebook repair, component-level repair, screen repair, power jack repair and spyware or virus removal, USB port repair, laptop window installation service, blue screen black screen, No display, broken hinges repair service for HP, Dell, Sony, Toshiba, Mac, HCL, IBM, Compaq, Acer, Asus laptops and more only Rs500, it is very affordable cost. Our expert engineer is adept at repairing and updating your system by starting. With our technical support, you can repair your desktop/laptop (PC) in the best possible way. We are always here for prompt and friendly PC Repair Services.

Brands : HP, Dell


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Computing is definitely made easier with advanced peripherals like printers and scanners. Printers are used to produce hard copy output while scanners digitize physical documents and store it on your computer. Home printing has been around for years and with superior connectivity and technology, it is surprising how easy it is to print using most gadgets, even in your home or office. You can easily connect your laptops with a wifi connection to your printer Capsule Guide Explore a collection of all-in-one, inkjet, laser printers, and scanners from popular brands only on Imperial Techsol. Deciding on the type of printer and scanner before picking the brands and features makes it easier to select the perfect one for you.

Many printers allow you to print through Wi-Fi, USB ports, blue-tooth, and Ethernet options from your tablet, computer or smartphone. Different technology is implemented for every printer while the quality of the prints varies as well. Different types, Different Needs For quality photo-prints from your smartphone to fast, reliable all-in-one printer that incorporates scanning, copying and fax machines provide everything you need for comprehensive home printing.

Featured with wireless and mobile printing, these printers serve a complete solution in a single, compact package. Whether it is school or college work, inkjet printers are ideal for everyday home use. An inkjet printer uses cartridges cheaper than laser toner and delivers better quality photos and color documents. Laser printers are meant for frequent use and suitable for offices that regularly print in large amounts. Designed for business use, monochrome and color variants are available in both laser and inkjet versions for whichever suits your mood. A laser printer can print much quicker and in greater volumes than inkjet printers can.

Whether your work keeps you confined in the office, on the road or at home, a versatile range of scanners is present to meet every need. Optical technology with stylish, functional design, photo scanners satisfy an array of scanning needs from quality reproductions to quick auto scanning operations. Carry your business where it takes you with handy, mobile scanners that allow you to scan documents or receipts on the spot. From HP Scanjet to Portronics or Kodak series, upgrade your performance with printer and scanner from reputed brands like Epson, Canon, Skypix and many more.

Brands : HP, Dell


Network Operations Center - NOC

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) with more than 110 routers and switches is on par with the latest companies / ISPs in the world thereby allowing students to familiarize themselves with the real-time network challenges faced in companies today.

Imperial Techsol Network Operations Center (NOC) services are your guarantee for the worry-free performance of your digital cinema network. From our dedicated NOC*, we can permanently monitor every projector, server, theater management system, and automation controller in your theater. When staff resources are at a premium, the Imperial Techsol NOC offers you 100% confidence that your valuable assets are being cared for.

A Network Operations Center, or NOC, is the primary workspace engineers utilize to monitor, manage and troubleshoot problems on a network. The Network Operations Center offers oversight of problems, configuration and change management, network security, performance and policy monitoring, reporting, quality assurance, scheduling, and documentation by utilizing sophisticated network management, monitoring, and analysis tools. The NOC provides a structured environment that effectively coordinates operational activities with all participants and vendors related to the function of the network. The NOC technicians typically provide support twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location from which network administrators manage, control and monitor one or more networks. The overall function is to maintain optimal network operations across a variety of platforms, mediums and communications channels.

Large network service providers are associated with network operation centers, which feature a visual representation of the networks being monitored and workstations where detailed network statuses are monitored. The software is employed to help manage the networks. Telecommunications, television broadcast and computer networks are controlled through network operations centers.

Brands : Dell, HP, Lenavo


Data Center Solution | Server Room Solution

Large-scale computer systems have been around for a while, and many people are already familiar with the term data center. In the 1940s, computers were so large that individual rooms had to be specially set aside to house them. Even the steady miniaturization of the computer did not initially change this arrangement because the functional scope increased to such an extent that the systems still required the same amount of space. Even today, with individual PCs being much more powerful than any mainframe system from those days, every large-scale operation has complex IT infrastructures with a substantial amount of hardware – and they are still housed in properly outfitted rooms. Depending on their size, these are referred to as “server rooms” or “data centers.”

Imperial Techsol is an innovative legacy/SDN hybrid switch, installed with open-architecture powerful Imperial Techsol network operating system, which supports many legacy L2/L3 protocols and state-of-the-art OpenFlow features with line-rate traffic. MT198T is equipped with 48 ports 10GbE SFP+ and 6 40GbE QSFP ports, specifically designed for the use of Top-of-Rack (ToR) switches, enterprise Layer-3 switches, and telecom monitoring/tapping networks. It provides line-rate OpenFlow 1.3 pipeline performance, which delivers real and authentic OpenFlow features in real time. It also supports L2/L3 protocols commonly used in data center and enterprise; thus it is also a cost-effective switch solution in legacy networks. MT198T therefor provides a progressive and feasible way for networking systems from the legacy mode migrating to SDN.

Computers, of course, require electricity, as well as protection from theft and the accidental or intentional manipulation of hardware. Put simply, one has to safeguard data centers against external influences and provide them with sufficient cooling. After all, there is a lot of powerful hardware sitting in one place.

In addition to these “hard” factors, one must also take into consideration organizational measures, such as periodic backups that ensure operability. As a rule, the more extensive and critical the hardware and software become, the more time and effort are required to provide optimal protection.

For that reason, a data center preferably consists of a well-constructed, sturdy building that houses servers, storage devices, cables, and a connection to the Internet. In addition, the center also has a large amount of equipment associated with supplying power and cooling, and often automatic fire extinguishing systems.

Brands : HP, Dell